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A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I often hear about podcasts from some of my friends. Today I stumbled on one that is specifically for gardeners. For me I was also glad to see that this podcast also has the published transcripts online. Below is information on this podcast. I’m not sure when podcasts became a thing but Margaret Roach has also had a weekly radio show since at least Spring 2010 when she started taping her program. The information about this podcast made me wonder are there other podcasts about gardening and there are at least 100 because I found a blog that lists the best 100.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

SINCE SPRING 2010, I’ve been taping a 25ish-minute weekly public-radio gardening program with my neighbors down the road in Sharon, Connecticut, at Robin Hood Radio, “the smallest NPR station in the nation.” The show, called “A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach” (how original!), is available free as a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify and most every other podcast app (the clickable icons below can get you to the most popular ones). The show has won three silver medals from the Garden Writers Association of America (now GardenComm). Apparently I have overseas admirers, too, not just in the U.S. It was named a top podcast by Fionnuala Fallon of “The Irish Times” in January 2020, and a “top-5” garden show by “The Guardian,” alongside some from the BBC. “Margaret Roach is a household name in America, where her long-running, award-winning public-radio podcast A Way to Garden has achieved cult status,” Fallon wrote. Every week, a fully illustrated companion transcript runs on this website, loaded with links for more information. A sampling of recent shows and popular ones are displayed below, or browse the entire archive at this link.

I have noticed a problem with podcasts. Just looking briefly I found a number of them that I would like to read and it’s downright distracting! I hope you have better self-control than I do!

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