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Autumn Leaves

Camelot ReLeaf Camelot Re-Leaf is a group of Camelot neighbors working to educate others on the value of native canopy trees, and to help other homeowners plant the next generation of trees. Supported by the Camelot Garden Club, ReLeaf offers native canopy trees at wholesale prices, with planting and mulching done by landscaping professionals.

We are no longer taking orders for 2023. If you have questions for the ReLeaf team or would like to be kept informed about the 2024 season, please email them by clicking on the button below:

Camelot ReLeaf will ...


Deliver and plant your tree and install mulch ring (done by Rimble Landscaping).

Tree Maintenance

Arrange for marking of underground utilities.

Tree Hugger

Install deer protection for the trunk.

Not sure what to plant? Email us at to schedule a free consultation!

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