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Let's Bring Back Native Trees

Over the decades since our community was built, the large native trees such as oaks and maples, have slowly been lost. Lacking replacement, the next generation of Camelot residents will live in a landscape devoid of the benefits of these native trees.

To address this, the Camelot Garden Club has joined Plant NOVA Trees in their Northern Virginia-wide campaign to plant and protect native trees. Last year we planted 25 trees in Camelot. Let’s do it again!

Specifically, the Camelot Garden Club is offering Camelot residents an easy way to get trees planted at a cost far less than that of retail garden centers. You place your order and the Camelot ReLeaf team takes care of the rest. Your tree will be delivered, professionally planted, mulched, and deer protected. You don’t have to lift a shovel!

Additionally, we offer consulting services to help you decide what tree to choose and where to plant it.

If you are interested in getting a tree planted this fall, let us know by emailing

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