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Growing Community

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Thank you, Plant Sale organizers and volunteers! The plant sale this past weekend was a ton of fun. Special thanks to Cindy Davis, chief-in-charge and Diane Silvester, host of the event.

Lots of work went into organizing the sale: ordering hundreds of plants, taking delivery on Friday, and setting up for the sale on Saturday. Thank you to the more than 20 member volunteers who worked the event, and the many family members who pitched in to help.

Perfect blue skies and sunshine helped set a lively tone for both days. Plant prices were kept low so members could afford to buy a lot -- I came home with 4 flats of natives and annuals.

This was Camelot GC’s fourth consecutive year holding a plant sale. Each one has had a little different spin. I’m already looking forward to hearing what ideas will be proposed for next year!

Interested in participating in this community event by becoming a member of the Camelot Garden Club? Learn more about our club and how to become a member here.

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